Stucco Professionals Minneapolis/St. Paul

Stucco is a beautiful low maintenence exterior choice for your home. G. Vizecky brings many options to the table if you are considering having new stucco installed on your home, want to change the texture or color of your existing, or just need your stucco refinished or repaired. Some things to know about stucco before having it installed:

  • Refinish - A refinish is applying an acrylic masonry finish after doing any repairs to the existing stucco(this will not change the texture of the existing stucco)
  • Re-dash - A re-dash is when a new layer of stucco is applied over you existing layer to produce a new texture or look
  • Steel galvanized lathe must be used when installing stucco - The lathe is what the stucco bonds to, and using galvanized prevents it from rusting
  • New stucco is installed in three layers, and each layer must be allowed to dry properly - Rushing the job will result in cracking, which will allow moisture behind the stucco
  • You cannot apply a re-dash over painted stucco - If stucco is installed over paint without first sandblasting the paint off, it will peel like an orange
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