The Importance Of Insulating Your Home

Having your home insulated can save huge amounts on your home energy bill. The problem is some companies are selling a cheap material that, on paper, sounds like a great product but has some serious flaws. G. Vizecky installs only Thermal Mineral Rock Wool insulation. With Minnesota's humidity and varying temperature, your insulation needs to able to handle moisture; which is where the problems with other products begin. Cellulose and fiberglass are what most other companies install. When moisture is introduced, both cellulose and fiberglass lose their insulation properties, and can grow mold; cellulose can actually compact down to 30% and leave a large area of un-insulated space. Thermal Mineral Rock Wool does not lose any of it's insulative properties when wet, will not compact, and it's not organic so it won't grow mold. Plus, since it's denser than the others, it provides better sound reduction, will not support combustion and actually acts as a fire retardant.

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